Anything wrong about the luxury you've been told.

I’ve learned something valuable over the last several years, and it goes against everything I’ve been taught about luxury in life. Enjoying true luxury without ever compromising how I want to feel has been a revolutionary process for me. When I decided to live my life with -my- purpose and the joy of wisdoms’ adventure, I realized there was a strict moral manifest out there. We were taught, we only deserve some sort of luxury in life when we work very hard, take a shitty job, please other people, make our selves small and at the end of that game we’ll get a little treat in return. For myself I don’t believe in that. Gold is not only made for Christmas, oppulent jewelery not only designed for older ladies and massages aren’t only helpful in ‚destressing’ holiday schedules. I believe there is a more authentic way of living a true luxurious life. I’m not holding myself small and wait till I deserve a little piece of gold for my treasure box. There is a real way and it has nothing to do with a delusion of grandeur.

Some spiritual people think it is in some way rewarding to deny a luxurious lifestyle. What I experienced for myself is the pain of attachment and projection. You can enjoy all lush form of luxury as long you feel authentically luxurious inside.

When you go back to that inner golden spark (which was always there) anything will be possible. Ahh! Then you feel thankful for what you have and even the greatest rock of gold doesn’t matter that much any more. But the big thing is: You feel good like gold! You decide what to enjoy, what to read, whom to listen to, what to buy, which car to drive, and in which restaurant to eat .

Self-worth is the key to that golden formula. When we lack in self worth and vison and hold on to things, life is getting filthy with you. Means, when you are starving and someone knocks on your door and offers you a golden bowl with one week old rice, you’ll take it. When you are rich and your fridge is loaded with vitamains and foodie stuff you won’t take the bowl at all. Means, only your inner richness determines what you are consuming, feeling and thinking.

I do spend a lot of money on organic gourmet food, because I invest in myself and I love, love, love the real taste! I only buy the best clothes like silk and cashmere, because I feel comfy and beautiful in it.

And I only buy quality materials for my manufacutre, because I offer the highest quality.

I say Yes to gold, chrome, diamonds, silk, expensive coffee beans and enjoy the beautiful view from the house I live in. Gues why? YOLO_

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