How to glam up your home!

It's time to shine baby!

If you want to give glamour to your home put some golden materials that will make your space elegant and special, because we all want to feel like that. Gold is rich, adventurous and priceless- it's the color of the winner and self-purification. If it's your favorite color it will reflect your personality. The 24-karat color symbolizes wealth, power, divine love and is believed to have a relaxing effect. Nothing feels like pure gold! Royalty put gold around their bodies in order to heal and ease pain in the body and is nowadays known as a anti-inflammatory beauty secret. Small gold accents have an great impact on your interior but won't be prentenious at all! Make your home like a castle and enjoy living it. You are the alchemist!

Golden lightening with the AtoLLO GOLDEN TABLE LAMp:


Polished Brass VASE FROM SKULTANA For FLOWER Decoration:

Versace's candle holder is predestined for a golden gleam:,en_GB,pd.html

LA based online flagshipstore, offering the magnificent master chair by Philippe Starck:

And giving your hands the royal finish with Burberry:

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